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Bethany Rigby

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The Zeppelin Museum


For Into The Deep at The Zeppelin Museum, a new iteration of Above/Below and the mineral collection Mining The Skies come together as a contemplation on space mining. 

New for this exhibition are two samples of biomining leachate; metal rich liquid produced by biomining lithotrophic bacteria, generously provided by Ana Santos at The Natural History Museum, London.

 “The extraction of raw materials is becoming an increasing ecological, economic, political and social problem with global implications. Extensive mining practices and the exploitation of ecological and social systems lead to one of the greatest environmental burdens of our time. Its consequences are dramatically visible in many places, but the fight for resources continues in new locations, some of which seem utopian. With the interdisciplinary exhibition Into the deep. Mines of the Future, at the Zeppelin Museum in the industrial historical city of Friedrichshafen, takes a critical look at the raw material aluminum, the metal of flight, and at the complex connections of raw material extraction in deep sea and deep space mining.” The Zeppelin Museum, Into The Deep

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