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Lecturer in Design - Goldsmiths University

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Bethany Rigby

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May - Dec

Venice Architecture Biennale


Mining the Skies is a scupltural display of geological samples commissioned for the 17th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, Italy. 

The samples related to current research and discourse on extra terrestrial mining- they include simulants from the European Space Agency, personal collections from mining entrepeneurs, and samples from planetary geologists’ research.

It is a critique on extractive attitutes towards these new landscapes, and invites us into a dark space to reflect on terrestrial mining practices and visions of the future.

The biennale was curated by architect and scholar Hashim Sarkis. “We need a new spatial contract. In the context of widening political divides and growing economic inequalities, we call on architects to imagine spaces in which we can generously live together”, Sarkis commented.

Bethany was the youngest invited participant in 2021.

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