London, UK

Designer and writer

Editor : POST Design Festival 
Lecturer in Design : Goldsmiths University
Exhibitor : Into The Deep- The Zeppelin Museum

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Bethany Rigby

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The Venice Biennale Architettura 2021 asks, How will we live together?
Future Assembly is a response to imagine a design inspired by the United Nations ­– the current paradigm for a multilateral assembly.

Studio Other Spaces all Biennale participants to offer more-than-human Stakeholders from their local situations for Future Assembly, in order to find novel, imaginative ways of spatially representing diverse, nonhuman agencies. 

Surrounding the central assembly, Future Assembly Chart forms a living collection of attempts by humans to recognise and secure the rights-of-nature.

Bethany’s more-than-human stakeholder contribution is teh Murchison Meteorite- the oldest object on Earth and contains basic amino acids and RNA. It’s more than human voice speaks as a timeline of Near Earth Object passes across the duration of the Venice Biennale, and a film made from atmopsheric orbital debris simulations.

See the stakeholders here.  

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