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Editor - POST Design Festival 
Lecturer in Design - Goldsmiths University

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Bethany Rigby

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POST Design Festival
Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki
Online Platform 


The POST.Design/Tangle is a design festival, spanning two years, four baltic countries and a patchworked, online platform.

The 2022-23 iteration of Post Design Festival takes us deep into the theme of “entanglement,” where we’ll unravel the intersections, interconnections, and invisible strings that give shape to our visual and political surroundings. 

Every 6 months in 2022-2023, a new chapter of the festival unravels. Chapter 1: “Practice”, Chapter 2: “The Self”, Chapter 3: “Community” and Chapter 4: “Power”. Graphic designers and creatives were invited to speak at the festival, sharing how their work relates to their chapter’s theme.

Speakers included: Laurenz Brunner, Ryan Waller, Noura Tafeche, Nushin Yazdani, Noam Youngrak Son, Laura Pappa, Manuel Raeder, Tommi Vasko, Maya Mommune and more.

On the online platform, read reportage and thematic essays written by Bethany Rigby and other contributors.

POST.Design/Tangle team:
Peter Folkmar, Siri Lee Lindskrog, Amanda Li Kollberg, Bethany Rigby

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