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Bethany Rigby

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Land Art Collective


A collaborative residency with Dr Julie Klinger and Caitlin Berrigan examining devastating effects of extraction and colonisation as these attituted move towards extra terrestrial landscapes.  Through a process of co-writing, a draft play was written and performed at the residency closing event.

“The racialized consolidation of wealth and ecocidal effects colonization has had upon planet Earth are abundantly clear. Colonization is the end of life worlds, and should not be repeated in extraterrestrial realms. We do not lack imagination to transform the compounding crises in which we find ourselves. Those in power lack the will to change. There is no shortage of possibilities, proposals, policies, and experiments for sustainable living on Earth. Those who dream are erased, meaningful policies are weakly enforced, and sustainable lifeways are violently suppressed in favor of these absurd asymmetries of power and consumption. With our attentions upon the colonial logics behind the exploration of Mars and other celestial bodies, our collaboration considers the disruptive and uncontrollable power of microbes in these future-present scenarios.

Our research and dialogue with each other speculated upon two main concepts that we are working on developing into fictional scenarios with audio/visual components: (1) Spatiality and mineral relations in Nevada as an analog between Earthly and Martian Lands; and (2) the mineral appetites of microorganisms as potential disruptors in space and mining endeavors.”

Text from Sustainable Futures: Outer Space  
Watch the performance here

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